Danger of disappearance of 25% of organic land by 2030!

(Source: MEP Marc TARABELLA )

This Tuesday, the European Parliament will vote on the first stage of the European action plan for organic farming. “There are many positive points to take away from this report, such as measures to stimulate demand for organic food while ensuring consumer confidence and preserving the future profitability of the EU organic market, or the establishment of a harmonized European system for the certification of inputs intended for organic farming,” rejoices Marc Tarabella, PS MEP in charge of Agriculture.

The European Organic Action Plan consists of a three-chapter approach to encourage the production and consumption of organic products across the European Union.

1) Encourage consumption with organic products

2) Increase production through the intervention of the new CAP to encourage conversion to organic

3) Continue to improve the sustainability of the sector by reducing the climate and environmental footprint, strengthening genetic biodiversity, increasing yields, more efficient use of resources, guaranteeing the availability of organic seeds, reducing pollutants.

All these tools must ultimately make it possible to achieve the objective of 25% of agricultural land devoted to organic farming by 2030, initially provided for in the EU’s flagship food policy: the “Farm to Fork” strategy. “.

We also underline that organic farming is a central element of a European policy towards more sustainable food systems. We also recall the importance of the “farm to fork” strategy, which represents real added value for European agriculture and for the environment.


“However, I regret that the European Parliament does not support the figure of 25% organic land by 2030. Admittedly, the report stresses the importance of increasing the number of land devoted to organic production, but without repeating a specific objective, quantified. It is potentially the door open for the Member States so that they are content to do a little better, without more” bitterly regrets the European elected official!

The European Commission set two strong objectives at the start of its mandate: the reduction of pesticides by 50%, and the European commitment to reach 25% of organic surfaces by the dawn of 2030.

But I see that today, the European, conservative and liberal right is trying by all means to prevent this. They want to postpone the reduction of pesticides and erase from the texts all the environmentalist objectives of European projects, including the famous figure of 25%. The fight for the general interest therefore continues. We will remain vigilant that the final plan for organic farming is an added value for the agricultural sector, but also for the environment and health,” concludes MEP Marc Tarabella.

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