Commission calls for feedback on new platform to facilitate renewable energy statistical transfers


Source: EU Parliament

The Commission is asking for feedback from interested parties on the draft rules governing a new platform to encourage the transfer of renewable energy statistics between Member States – called the new Union Renewable Development Platform (URDP). The feedback period runs until 27 May 2021 (midnight, Brussels time). First foreseen under the original Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28), statistical transfers are a cooperation mechanism which allow one Member State to “buy” renewable energy statistics from another. The aim is, for example, to enable those Member States below their 2020 binding national targets to ‘buy’ renewable energy from those above their target. The first such transfer agreements were concluded in 2017, followed by several in 2020. In order to facilitate such agreement, the Commission is now establishing the Union Renewable Development Platform through a new delegated regulation, as required under the recast Directive (2018/2001). The platform should provide information, indicate potential opportunities and provide the relevant contact points – thereby making it easier for Member States to use this cooperation option more effectively and efficiently.

Under EU better regulation rules, this draft delegated regulation needs to be open for public feedback for a 4-week period. The Commission will also submit it for scrutiny with the Council and the European Parliament. The aim is for the delegated regulation to be adopted and formally enter into force in the third quarter of 2021 – so that the platform can be up and running in the autumn. The draft text follows a consultation workshop with Member States at the end of 2020.

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