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03 May: Danger of disappearance of 25% of organic land by 2030!

(Source: MEP Marc TARABELLA )

This Tuesday, the European Parliament will vote on the first stage of the European action plan for organic farming. “There are many positive points to take away from this report, such as measures to stimulate demand for organic food while ensuring consumer confidence and preserving the future profitability of the EU organic market, or the establishment of a harmonized European system for the certification of inputs intended for organic farming,” rejoices Marc Tarabella, PS MEP in charge of Agriculture.

The European Organic Action Plan consists of a three-chapter approach to encourage the production and consumption …

24 Feb: War in Ukraine: Europe must rise to the occasion

Press release

Sylvie GUILLAUME, Eric ANDRIEU and Nora MEBAREK, French Socialist MEPs from the S&D group condemn without ambiguity and in the strongest terms the attack launched by Vladimir PUTIN this morning against Ukraine.

“It is a war which has been declared and which poses a risk of the development of a major conflict at the very gates of the European Union. Ukraine is an independent and sovereign country, its invasion is unjustifiable and illegal; its territorial integrity is non-negotiable. We reiterate our solidarity with the Ukrainians and salute the coolness of their leaders. We extend our full support to …

15 Feb: Toy safety: gap in legislation and dangers for children


“Potentially dangerous chemical components, connected toys without measures against cyber threats, lack of controls: European toy safety legislation has shortcomings that must be quickly remedied. Our vote in the European Parliament this Wednesday goes in this direction,” explains Marc Tarabella, PS MEP, in charge of European Consumer Protection. The European legislation on toys, voted in 2010, was a real step forward. It has made it possible to lay the foundations for toy safety requirements and to provide a framework for toy manufacturers, importers and distributors. “But in 12 years, a lot has changed. Our scientific knowledge has evolved, certain …

09 Dec: MEPs call for stronger EU action against cancer

(Source European Parliament)

Reducing inequalities in all aspects of cancer prevention and carePutting patients first in a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to beat cancerBuilding more resilient health systems in light of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis

Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer adopted its final proposals on how to strengthen the EU’s role in the fight against cancer.

In the report adopted on Thursday by 29 votes in favour, one against and 4 abstentions, MEPs said that the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a first step towards a real European Health Union. The comprehensive strategy addressing cancer at …

09 Dec: Toy safety: MEPs want to step up EU rules to protect children

(Source European Parliament)

Further measures should be added to avoid children’s exposure to chemicalsRisks posed by connected toys need to be addressed in EU lawOnline marketplaces must act to ensure unsafe toys are removed

MEPs want to strengthen current rules and market surveillance to ensure that all toys sold on the EU market, including from non-EU countries and online, are safe.

In a report unanimously approved on Thursday with 44 votes in favour, Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee stresses that, while the Toy Safety Directive (TSD) provides children with a high level of safety, some manufacturers from non-EU …

19 Aug: Afghanistan: provide humanitarian help to locals, MEPs urge

(Source: European Parliament)

Europe must provide humanitarian aid, and reach unity on handling migration, according to MEPs speaking at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday morning.

Speaking at the extraordinary meeting of the Committees on Foreign Affairs and Development and the Delegation for Relations with Afghanistan, EU High Representative and European Commission Vice-President Josep Borrell said that the situation in Afghanistan “is a catastrophe” for Afghans and for the west. “My immediate priority is to bring to Europe those people who have been working with the EU”. He announced that 106 Afghan staff working for EU institutions have already been evacuated …

02 Jun: Data protection: MEPs urge the Commission to amend UK adequacy decisions

(Source: European Parliament)

UK data protection laws are similar to EU laws, but MEPs raise questions on enforcement and exemptionsExemptions for immigration and national security purposes need to be clarifiedOnward transfers of data to other countries and bulk access to data by law enforcement are also a concernNational authorities should suspend data transfers to the UK in the absence of guarantees

The European Commission should amend its draft decision on UK data protection to ensure EU standards for citizens’ privacy are respected.

In a resolution passed on Friday (344 votes in favour, 311 against and 28 abstaining), MEPs ask the …

25 May: Brexit: €5 billion to help EU countries mitigate social and economic impact

(Source: European Parliament)

€4 billion in pre-financing in 2021 and 2022, €1 billion in 2025 Allocation method to take into account trade, fisheries and population of maritime regions bordering the UK Specific commitment to small scale fisheries and local communities dependent on fishing activities in UK waters 

The Brexit Adjustment Reserve should primarily support the countries and sectors worst affected by the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU.

On Tuesday, the Regional Development Committee adopted its position on the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR), paving the way to start negotiations with the Council on the final shape of the …

20 May: Getting a patent waiver is not enough, says WTO chief to Trade Committee

(Source: European Parliament)

Parliament’s Committee on Trade debated on Thursday how to increase vaccine production effectively with WTO Director-General Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

In reply to trade committee MEPs’ questions over what measures are needed to accelerate equitable access to vaccines, Dr Okonjo-Iweala argued in favour of expanding vaccine production and ending export restrictions.

She said: “Getting the Intellectual Property rights waiver for vaccines will not be enough”. She listed three other routes: reducing export restrictions and reinforcing supply chains for vaccines, working with manufacturers to expand production, including in emerging countries with idle capacity such as Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand …

20 May: MEPs call for better protection of migrants from human rights violations

(Source: European Parliament)

Commission should sign readmission agreements with third countries, replacing informal agreementsOverview of EU funds used to finance migration cooperation neededCall for an independent and accessible complaints mechanism

Parliament criticises the European Commission and some EU countries for overusing informal agreements on the return and readmission of irregular migrants.

On Wednesday, Parliament adopted a report by 358 votes in favour, 309 against, with 26 abstentions providing recommendations on human rights protection in the framework of the EU’s external asylum and migration policy.

The text notes that, since 2016, the EU and some member states have made many informal …