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03 Jun: Shorter supply chains could be key to ensuring Europe’s food security

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

As Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine is putting global food supply at risk and European consumers are already experiencing a rise of food prices, many believe that Europe’s food system could be made more resilient against crisis by investing on sustainable local quality production and shortening supply chains. The European Committee of the Regions is currently preparing an opinion on Safeguarding food security and reinforcing the resilience of the EU food system. Members of the NAT Commission discussed this highly relevant topic in the external meeting held in Santiago de Compostela on 2 June.…

01 Jun: REPowerEU: local and regional energy saving plans are crucial to ensure an affordable green transition and stop the EU’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

The energy crisis remains a major concern for local and regional leaders across the EU. Therefore, it is crucial to empower regions and cities to strengthen their capacity to build resilient communities in order to limit the EU’s dependency on fossil fuels. Decentralised energy production, energy efficiency and saving plans on a local and regional level will ensure the achievement of the REPowerEU plan . Current threats to Europe’s energy security and supply are not an alternative to the climate-neutral transition, local leaders recalled.

​The current geopolitical situation after the Russian invasion of Ukraine …

30 May: Join the Cities Energy Saving Sprint

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

An energy saving toolkit will help you reduce energy consumption – and your energy bills, ahead of the heating season while contributing to the EU’s independence from Russian fossil fuels in solidarity with Ukraine

​ On 19 May, the European Commission, the Covenant of Mayors – Europe and the European Committee of the Regions launched The Cities Energy Saving Sprint , a joint initiative for cities to immediately reduce energy consumption and be better prepared for next winter by using a simple energy saving toolkit. The “Sprint” will last for 4 months, until the …

30 May: Regions and cities still have little say in post-COVID 19 recovery plans, a new consultation warns

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

​Weaker plans, misallocated funds and increased territorial disparities​ are among the main risks identified by local and regional authorities.

As EU leaders gather in Brussels for an extraordinary summit and the European Parliament prepares to present its assessment on the implementation of post-COVID 19 recovery plans, a new CoR-CEMR joint consultation sounds the alarm about the worrying lack of involvement of EU territories in the governance, execution and monitoring of National Recovery and Resilience Plans.


The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) have teamed …

24 May: Ukrainian local leaders back creation of alliance of EU cities and regions to support reconstruction

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

Ukrainian local leaders believe EU cities and regions could help Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts even before the war with Russia ends.

Ukrainian local leaders have voiced strong support for the involvement of European cities and regions in the reconstruction of Ukraine. They have also urged them to help with rebuilding key infrastructure even while the war continues, highlighting that the war has also brought destruction to parts of the country far from the current lines of contact between Ukrainian and Russian troops.


Their call for swift action, which was backed by a leading representative …

19 May: Local dialogue in Cluj-Napoca brings together young people to discuss democracy, education and Europe’s future with EU, national and local leaders

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

​The Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, the President of the European Committee of the Regions, Apostolos Tzitzikostas and the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emile Boc exchanged views with citizens in the aftermath of the Conference on the future of Europe.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciucă, the President of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), Apostolos Tzitzikostas, and the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, exchanged views today with young people in Cluj-Napoca on Europe’s future and on the role youth can play in the democratic process at EU, national and regional/local level. The local…

18 May: The reconstruction of Ukraine can only deliver results if the EU, national and local authorities work hand in hand

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

​​​​​​​Statement by the President of the European Committee of the Regions, Apostolos Tzitzikostas. ​​​​​The European Committee of the Regions welcomes the European Union’s pledge today to help Ukraine rebuild its cities, villages and infrastructure. As the voice of regions and municipalities within the EU and given our long-standing cooperation with our Ukrainian partners, our Committee is ready to firmly engage in the reconstruction process. We consider that the direct involvement of EU and Ukrainian local authorities must be the building block of the reconstruction. We stand ready to launch an Alliance to provide Ukraine’s…

17 May: CoR delegation visits Ispra to learn about the JRC’s work in the field of sustainability

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

​On 3-4 May a delegation of the European Committee of the Regions visited the scientific site of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission based in Ispra, Italy. It was the first official visit of a delegation from a European institution to JRC Ispra after the Covid break.

The study visit at the Ispra site of the JRC included presentations on several issues related to the European Green Deal and sustainability, as well as visits to some of the most relevant research infrastructures like the European Laboratory for Structural Assessment, the Atmospheric Observatory …

17 May: First external RegHub workshop

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

Upon the invitation of the Regional Hub of Alentejo, the European Committee of the Regions’ Network of Regional Hubs (RegHub) organised its first external workshop, in the World Heritage City of Évora (Alentejo, Portugal) in the framework of the EU Smart Communities Summit.

The workshop was the first in person meeting of the network since the beginning of the pandemic and a very important opportunity for the Hubs to exchange experiences and strengthen their ties.

During the workshop, the Hubs were able to get (re)acquainted, to exchange good (consultation) practices and to develop new …