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20 May: Rule of law in Malta: MEPs travel to Valletta to take stock of developments

(Source: European Parliament)

On 23-25 May, six MEPs of the Civil Liberties Committee will assess progress in the investigations, trials, and reforms that followed the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Two and a half years after the last visit of an EP delegation to the country in the context of ongoing efforts to strengthen EU values, MEPs will return to Malta on 23-25 May. The aim of the visit -organised upon the recommendation of the Monitoring Group on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights (DRFMG) is to take stock of the latest developments as regards the rule of law, …

20 May: EU digital acts: MEPs to visit tech companies in Silicon Valley, US

(Source: European Parliament)

A delegation from the Internal Market Committee will travel to Silicon Valley to meet with leading tech companies including Google, Meta, Apple, Airbnb, eBay, Paypal and Uber.

From 23 to 27 May, an Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee delegation will go to the Silicon Valley, where MEPs will meet with tech companies, local authorities and academia. MEPs will look into the latest digital market advances in the United States, particularly in relation to the development and use of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, consumer protection, online platforms and the gig economy.

The visit will provide a key opportunity …

19 May: EU must strengthen support for citizens and businesses and help for Ukraine

(Source: European Parliament)

Existing EU funds need to be boosted by other means, such as profit tax for energy companies, and seizing Russian oligarch assets Temporary EU social resilience package should be set up New strategic autonomy fund could boost energy and food security

MEPs call for funding to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, by confiscating Russian oligarchs’ assets, new EU own resources, and using the existing EU budget fully.

Adopting a resolution on the economic and social consequences for the EU of Russia’s war in Ukraine by a show of hands, MEPs say that the …

19 May: Albania and North Macedonia: MEPs demand EU starts accession talks

(Source: European Parliament)

The Parliament urges the Council to open negotiations on EU membership with Albania and North Macedonia, especially in the geostrategic context of war in Ukraine.

Failure to act could have historically important security implications for Europe’s stability Both countries have met the conditions and delivered sustained results Bulgaria and North Macedonia encouraged to swiftly resolve pending bilateral issues

In two reports adopted on Thursday, which assess Albania and North Macedonia’s progress on the path towards EU membership, the Parliament asks the Council to officially start accession negotiations with these two countries, noting the geostrategic context of relations …

19 May: Ukraine: MEPs want a special international tribunal for crimes of aggression

(Source: European Parliament)

Perpetrators of war crimes must be brought to justice Support for Ukrainian authorities and International Criminal Court in gathering evidence Swift action is of crucial importance

The special international tribunal should investigate Russian leaders and military commanders and their allies for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

In the resolution adopted on Thursday, Parliament calls on the EU to take all necessary action in international proceedings and courts to support the prosecution of the Russian and Belarussian regimes for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression. These investigations and consequent prosecutions should also apply to all …

19 May: MEPs approve suspension of EU duties on all Ukrainian exports

(Source: European Parliament)

Measures cover industrial products, fruits and vegetables, steel Suspension valid for one year The EU is Ukraine’s most important trading partner

On Thursday, Parliament backed a one-year suspension of EU import duties on all Ukrainian exports, to support the country’s economy.

This temporary trade liberalisation, endorsed by 515 votes, with 32 against and 11 abstentions, is a response to the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine, which is hampering the country’s ability to trade. The measures were expedited to enable today’s adoption in plenary. They will fully remove import duties on industrial products, entry duties on fruit …

19 May: Rule of Law: MEPs critical of Commission’s annual report, suggest improvements

(Source: European Parliament)

Call for broader scope and more in-depth, transparent assessment Concrete, country-specific recommendations and targets needed Findings should be linked to corrective measures at EU level EU needs “rule of law” and “European civic space” indices

Parliament says Commission’s assessment of the rule of law in the EU is useful but has significant room for improvement.

On Thursday, Parliament adopted its review of the Commission’s 2021 annual Rule of Law Report with 429 votes for, 131 against and 34 abstentions.

Methodological shortcomings

MEPs were disappointed that, despite Parliament’s suggestions, the Commission still does not address the numerous, interlinked …

19 May: Global minimum corporate tax rate: MEPs push for quick adoption

(Source: European Parliament)

Minimum corporate tax rate of 15% for large multinational corporations Implementation deadline 31 December 2022 MEPs want review clause and impact assessment for developing countries

On Thursday, MEPs approved a Commission proposal implementing the recent international agreement on a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%.

The report, authored by Aurore Lalucq (S&D, FR) was adopted by by 503 votes in favour, 46 votes against and 48 abstentions.

The text approves the key elements of the Commission’s proposal, notably sticking to the proposed implementation timeline and an implementation deadline of 31 December 2022 with the intention of …

19 May: MEPs: All EU sanctions against Russia must apply to Belarus

(Source: European Parliament)

Belarus and Russia jointly responsible for the war in Ukraine The Belarusian regime’s crackdown on trade unions and the opposition must end Call to immediately abolish the death penalty Strengthen the EU’s cooperation with Belarus’ democratic forces

MEPs strongly condemn the support that the Belarusian regime under dictator Aliaksandr Lukashenka has provided to Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.

In a resolution adopted by show of hands on Thursday, the European Parliament vehemently opposes the role the Belarusian regime has played in assisting with Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine. This includes the so-called referendum reinstating the country’s nuclear …

19 May: Parliament endorses Eurojust’s new powers to support war crime investigations

(Source: European Parliament)

Hague-based agency now able to safely store evidence and support investigations New possibilities to cooperate with International Criminal Court

MEPs greenlit new rules that will allow Eurojust to safely store and analyse evidence related to war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

On Thursday, the European Parliament voted to extend the mandate of Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, with 560 votes in favour, 17 against and 18 abstaining.

These new powers would allow the agency to store and analyse evidence related to war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. This evidence could consist of …