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05 Jul: Eradicating women’s poverty in Europe

(Source: European Parliament)

Commission should develop a 2030 EU anti-poverty strategy with a focus on women A life free from violence is fundamental to participation in the labour market Avoid gender discrimination in tax policies and eliminate VAT on women’s sanitary goods

MEPs call on the Commission and EU countries to address the inequalities women face, such as barriers to the labour market and access to affordable childcare.

In a report adopted on Tuesday with 535 in favour, 18 against and 79 abstentions, MEPs call for gender to be integrated more effectively into policies that address homelessness, the lack of …

05 Jul: Protecting mental health in the digital workspace

(Source: European Parliament)

MEPs acknowledge benefits of teleworking but warn about health and privacy risks

The right to disconnect must be legally recognised at EU level

Ensure training for workers to bridge the digital divide

MEPS demand preventive measures against technostress and over-connection, to tackle mental health issues and boost the benefits of working from home.

In a resolution adopted on Tuesday with 501 votes in favour, 47 against and 85 abstentions, Parliament recognises the benefits of working from home, like increased flexibility and autonomy, but warns of the significant health risks stemming from over-connection, a blurring of the lines …

30 Jun: Agreement on foreign subsidies: ensuring equal competition in the EU

(Source: European Parliament)

Overall aim is to ensure equal playing field on internal market If subsidies are distortive, redressive measures can be applied EP negotiators made tool more effective and transparent

Parliament and Council negotiators agreed on Thursday on new tools ensuring that foreign subsidies granted by non-EU countries to companies do not distort the internal market.

The new draft regulation will enable the Commission to investigate subsidies granted by non-EU public authorities to companies operating in the EU. If it finds that the subsidies are distortive, it can apply redressive measures and avoid that, for instance, subsidised firms outbid …

30 Jun: Statement by EP leaders on Commission’s work programme for 2023

(Source: European Parliament)

Ahead of the State of the Union debate, EP group leaders adopt a statement outlining the EP’s priorities for the 2023 Commission work programme.

The EU will continue to face important challenges in 2023, and the year preceding the European elections will be key to deliver on citizens’ expectations. The State of the Union debate on 14 September will pave the way for the adoption by the Commission of its annual work programme for 2023.

Ahead of this key moment for the Institutions, EP leaders outline clear priorities and insist that all outstanding legislative proposals be tabled …

30 Jun: Moldovan agricultural exports liberalised for a year to support its economy

(Source: European Parliament)

Trade liberalisation will help overcome economic loss due to Russia’s war on Ukraine Measures concern agricultural products still subject to tariffs Twice as many of these products can be exported to EU duty-free

The International Trade Committee gave its green light on Thursday to double the amount of Moldovan agricultural products exported to the EU tariff-free.

MEPs in the International Trade Committee approved a proposal to double quotas on seven agricultural products, the export of which has not yet been fully liberalised: plums, table grapes, apples, tomatoes, garlic, cherries and grape juice. For a year, twice as …

29 Jun: Crypto assets: deal on new rules to stop illicit flows in the EU

(Source: European Parliament)

First EU rules for tracing transfers of crypto-assets like bitcoins and electronic money tokens Ensuring crypto-assets can be traced in the same way as traditional money transfers The legislation is part of the new EU anti-money laundering package and will be aligned with the Markets in Crypto-assets rules (MiCA)

Transfers of crypto-assets will be traced and identified to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes, says the new legislation agreed on Wednesday.

Parliament and Council negotiators reached a provisional deal on a new bill aiming to ensure that crypto transfers can always be traced and suspicious …

27 Jun: Fit for 55: Transport MEPs set ambitious targets for greener aviation fuels

(Source: European Parliament)

85% of aviation fuel should be sustainable by 2050 Leave space for electricity and hydrogen to be part of new fuel mix Create a Sustainable Aviation Fund

EU aviation should gradually switch to sustainable fuel, such as synthetic fuel, used cooking oil or even hydrogen, to help EU become climate neutral by 2050.

MEPs on the Transport and Tourism Committee adopted a draft negotiating mandate on the ReFuelEU aviation rules by 25 votes to six and three abstentions on Monday. The adopted text aims to increase the uptake of sustainable fuels by aircraft operators and EU airports …

23 Jun: EU candidate status: lead MEP welcomes Council decision

(Source: European Parliament)

Statement of the Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the European Council ‘s decision of 23 June 2022 on the EU membership applications of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

David McAllister (EPP, DE) made the following statement on Thursday, after the announcement of the decision of the European Council:

“By granting EU candidate status to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, the European Union demonstrates its unwavering commitment towards these countries and their freely chosen European path. Today’s decision marks a historical moment for our European Union. It is a demonstration of leadership, responsibility, resolve and …

23 Jun: It’s time: EU candidate status will strenghten Ukraine and Europe – Metsola

(Source: European Parliament)

This is a moment where we must remain together. Addressing EU leaders, EP President Metsola spoke also on climate, energy, inflation and the war’s social and economic impact.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola remarks at the European Council of 23 and 24 June 2022, Brussels.

These months have not been easy. We are facing an aggressive Russia that has ripped up the rules of the game. Every State – every leader – is under unprecedented pressure with:

inflation at previously unheard of levels; an energy crisis that means dwindling supply and rising costs food shortages meaning a…

23 Jun: European Health Union: deal on stronger cross-border cooperation

(Source: European Parliament)

Reinforced cooperation among EU bodies and countries during public health emergencies Improved prevention, preparedness and response planning at EU and national levels Clearer rules for joint procurement of medicines and medical devices Finalisation of first Health Union package based on lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic

Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on how the EU and member states should deal more efficiently with future serious cross-border health threats.

EU negotiators secured agreement on Thursday on a series of measures to reinforce action at European level to support cooperation and coordination among EU countries, in particular between …