CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Protection of the euro against counterfeiting

Deadline: 15-06-2021 and 21-09-2021 (17:00:00 Brussels time)

(Source: European Commission)

Programme:    Protection of the Euro against Counterfeiting Programme (PERICLES)

Type:   PERI-PJG PERI Project Grants

Status: Open » 15-06-2021 and 21-09-2021


The Pericles IV programme has the following general objective:

To prevent and combat counterfeiting and related fraud, preserve the integrity of the euro banknotes and coins, thus strengthening the trust of citizens and business in the genuineness of these banknotes and coins and therefore enhancing the trust in the Union’s economy, while securing the sustainability of public finances.

The Pericles IV programme has the following specific objective:

To protect euro banknotes and coins against counterfeiting and related fraud, by supporting and supplementing the measures undertaken by the Member States and assisting the competent national and Union authorities in their efforts to develop among themselves and with the Commission a close and regular cooperation and an exchange of best practice, where appropriate including third countries and international organisations.

More information: European Commission

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