Answer to Written Question: The possibility of adding Antifa to the EU list of terrorist organisations

(Source: European Parliament)





The Council has not discussed the issue of Antifa raised by the Honourable Member.

The Honourable Member is invited to refer to the Council’s reply to Written Question E‑004577/2020.

Regarding the second question, the Council in its conclusions of 15 June 2020[1] and on 14 December 2020[2] condemned violent extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, irrespective of its origin. As stated in the Council’s Conclusions of 15 June 2020, the threat from politically motivated violent extremism and terrorism, including the threat from far-right and far-left, is growing and is progressively connected across borders, especially via the Internet. The Council therefore called for increased engagement with relevant partners on this issue.

[1]           8868/20

[2]           13083/1/20 REV 1

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