Answer to Written Question: The ‘Great Reset’, the European Union, the Member States and referendums

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Gentiloni

on behalf of the European Commission


The ‘Great Reset’ is an initiative launched under the World Economic Forum and aims to build a better society following the COVID-19 pandemic. On 26 January 2021, President von der Leyen gave a special address at the Davos Agenda Week[1], addressing the need to learn from this crisis, ‘the way we live and do business and to keep what we value and hold dear’. One of the priorities of the Commission is the European Green Deal and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, which is in line with the ambitions set outin the ‘Great Reset’ initiative. We value the underlying goals of the ‘Great Reset’, however we are not aware of any decision making process underlying the initiative. The competence for organising referendums on the ‘Great Reset’ initiative lies with the Members States provisioned by their national laws.


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