Answer to Written Question: The Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan versus ‘Made in Italy’ top quality agri-food products and wine − Commission should re-examine measures

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Ms Kyriakides

on behalf of the European Commission


Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is taking a holistic approach to cancer, addressing the entire disease pathway, starting with ambitious actions on prevention to first and foremost reduce the number of avoidable cancer cases. In this context, the Commission is looking at addressing risk factors, through promoting physical activity and healthy diets, as well as the reduction of smoking and alcohol consumption.

The Commission would like to assure the Honourable Member that none of the provisions in the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan would discriminate against any kind of quality products on the basis of their origin, nor is the Plan targeting any specific gastronomic cultures.

While the Commission has no intention to re-examine any provisions of the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan that was just recently adopted, it remains committed to embark stakeholders in its implementation notably through the mechanisms outlined in the Plan itself.

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