Answer to Written Question: The EU vaccine certificate proposal

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Reynders

on behalf of the European Commission


To allow for the exercise of free movement in the EU and to ensure absence of discrimination against individuals who are not vaccinated, the Commission proposal covers three different types of COVID-19 certificates: a vaccination certificate, a test certificate, and a certificate of recovery. In this way, as many persons as possible are able to benefit from a Digital Green Certificate when travelling within the EU.

Furthermore, the Commission has stated clearly that the possession of a Digital Green Certificate, in particular a vaccination certificate, should not be a pre-condition for the exercise of free movement.

Persons who are not vaccinated, for example for medical reasons, because they are not part of the target group for which the vaccine is currently recommended, such as children, or because they have not yet had the opportunity or do not wish to be vaccinated, must be able to continue to exercise their fundamental right of free movement, where necessary subject to limitations such as mandatory testing and quarantine/self-isolation.

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