Answer to Written Question: TAP, Portugal’s national airline

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Ms Vălean

on behalf of the European Commission


As the Commission is not empowered to revisit decisions of national competition authorities under national competition law, the Commission will focus this reply on the assessment of the compatibility of transactions such as the one at hand with the provisions of the Groundhandling Directive[1].

As regards the limitation of the ownership, Article 6(3) of the Groundhandling Directive indeed provides that at least one of the authorised suppliers of groundhandling services for third parties cannot be controlled either by the managing body of the airport or an airport user who has carried more than 25% of the passengers or freight.

As regards the particular case of TAP, the Commission will further monitor the implementation of the Groundhandling Directive by Portugal.

[1] Council Directive 96/67/EC of 15 October 1996 on access to the groundhandling market at Community airports

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