Answer to Written Question: Serious security deficiencies in protecting the data of schoolchildren at Commission-funded e-learning platform Anton

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Ms Ferreira

on behalf of the European Commission


The company Solarcode GmbH received a loan of EUR 750 000.00 (of which 50% co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund programme of Berlin (Germany)) for the project entitled ‘Schule LernPlatform/School learning platform’, known as the application ANTON, with a total project expenditure of EUR 946 979.19.

The project ran from January 2017 to August 2019 and aimed at developing a new universal learning platform (Web & Mobile) for schools and students, which can be used both for self-learning and for interactive learning in the classroom context.

The Commission does not approve project funding in the context of the European Regional Development Fund, since this fund is implemented in ‘shared management’, i.e. project selection, implementation, monitoring and control are the responsibilities of the Member State who should also ensure overall compliance with Union and national rules.

The programmes of the European Regional Development Fund are implemented by the Managing Authorities in the German regions. The Managing Authority of the European Regional Development Fund programme of Berlin is not aware of any data protection deficiencies in connection with the learning platform ANTON, but it has been requested by the Commission services to investigate the matter and provide further information.

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