Answer to Written Question: Request by the Spanish Government for an aid scheme for tourism

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Executive Vice-President Vestager

on behalf of the European Commission


At this stage, the Spanish authorities have not contacted the Commission with a scheme specifically targeting the tourism sector. As the Commission mentioned already in its replies to written questions E-001756/2020 and P-004568/2020 the Commission already approved a number of schemes notified by Spain, which apply to most sectors of the economy, including the tourism sector.

In addition, the Decision in case SA.59045, adopted on 20 November 2020, approved a EUR 2.55 billion scheme to compensate self-employed and other undertakings of all sectors for damage suffered due to coronavirus outbreak. The compensation takes the form of public guarantees for repayable new loans and new notes issued on the Alternative Fixed-Income Market. Under the scheme, around 15 000 beneficiaries, which have reached a composition agreement with creditors in the course of judicial insolvency proceedings, can be compensated for damage incurred between 14 March and 20 June 2020. This period coincides with the period when the Spanish government implemented restrictive measures to limit the spread of the virus.

The Commission continues to assess support measures by Member States linked to the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak as a matter of priority.

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