Answer to Written Question: Reform of vehicle emission standards (Euro 7)

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Breton

on behalf of the European Commission


The questions raised by the Honourable Member relate to the scientific and technical findings made by the CLOVE[1] consortium, which carries out studies that will underpin the envisaged future pollutant emissions standards (Euro 7). These studies are under development and have been regularly discussed with stakeholders in the meetings of the Advisory Group on Vehicle Emission Standards (AGVES).

There is growing scientific evidence that N2O contributes to stratospheric ozone depletion, which increases cancer-inducing UVB radiation, while CH4 contributes significantly to the formation of tropospheric ozone.

The proposal of CLOVE addresses both light and heavy duty vehicles in the same manner, taking due account of differences stemming from a different characteristics of those vehicles.

The socio-economic and environmental consequences of the future rules, including the possible addition of those two gases to the Euro 7 regulation, will be assessed in the Impact Assessment that will accompany the proposal.

[1] Consortium for ultra LOw Vehicle Emissions

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