Answer to Written Question: Occupation of higher management posts in the Commission

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Hahn

on behalf of the European Commission


The number of vacancies at senior management level in the Commission is currently neither unusual nor higher than before. Indeed, the vacancy rate has been more or less stable over the past few years and is now in decline. The number of appointments made by the current Commission during the first year of its mandate was 16% higher than the number in the last year of the previous Commission’s mandate.

The Commission would also remind the Honourable Member that all the appointments made by the College at senior management level are a matter of public record and are documented in the minutes of its weekly meetings. Between the beginning of this mandate and end March 2021, the current Commission has made 68 new appointments – 11 Directors-General, 12 Deputy Directors-General, 33 Directors and 12 Principal Advisers – for the most part promoting staff from within the Institution to these functions.

The Commission has strong corporate governance to ensure that the necessary structures and management are in place to enable it to deliver on the political priorities of the College and the tasks entrusted to it by the Treaties in an efficient and effective way. Likewise, the Commission’s rules on deputising arrangements are set out in its Rules of Procedure[1].


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