Answer to Written Question: Need to support tourism in the upcoming season

(Source: European Parliament)




Answer given by Mr Breton

on behalf of the European Commission


The Commission adopted a number of measures to support the economy, including the EU tourism ecosystem, to help reopening borders and restart travelling[1].

Thanks to the Temporary Framework for State Aid[2] Member States could set up in record time more than 330 support schemes which are also open to the tourism and travel industry (1/3 of them specifically focusing on these sectors), including 6 schemes for Cyprus and 5 for Malta.

Tourism sectors benefit from CRII and CRII+[3] allowing the flexible deployment of unused resources from Cohesion Funds 2014-20, including support the working capital of small and medium-sized enterprises and employment schemes. REACT-EU[4] will bring additional funding, which Member States can use to support most affected sectors like tourism.

In 2021-2027, the ERDF[5] will support tourism sector thanks to a new dedicated objective. SURE[6] is providing assistance to job-supporting schemes[7] and the ESF+[8] will finance the up- and re-skilling of workers; the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund[9] could help displaced workers. Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility[10], Member States can include in their national plans measures for the modernisation of tourism sector.

Besides actions to provide citizens with reliable information (Re-open EU[11]) or restore confidence (passenger rights[12]), the Commission promotes a coordinated approach to free movement restrictions within the EU[13]. It also works on the reopening of EU external borders, which is important for Member States with a high share of international travellers. The Council Recommendation on the temporary restriction on non-essential travel into the EU[14] was amended on 1 February 2021. Finally, EU agencies were asked to issue guidance to facilitate air transport and cruise ship operations[15].





[5] European Regional Development Fund

[6] European instrument for temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency


[8] European Social Fund+ regulation to be published later in 2021

[9] EGF regulation to be published later in 2021







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