Answer to Written Question: Media and audiovisual action plan and the digital transformation of the audiovisual sector

(Source: European Parliament)

EN E-002674/2021 Answer given by Mr Breton on behalf of the European Commission (8.9.2021)

The ambition of the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan is to accelerate the recovery, transformation and resilience of the European media industry. To respond to these challenges, acting together towards digitalisation and the opportunities it brings, is key for the media sector.

Digitalising the media sector is, in addition to the digital tools it uses, also exploiting the possibilities digital transformation provides for collaboration and data sharing amongst the industry, enabling media innovation, sharing of audience or content data and metadata, and to enable further targeting and tailor-made content. With this, Europe could become more competitive whilst ensuring full respect of EU data protection legislation. This is why the Commission intends to finance the creation of a common European Data Space providing the technical framework and supporting the creation of a governance mechanism that will allow data sharing in a trusted manner. The Commission has also adopted a proposal for a Data Governance Act regulation that aims at facilitating the sharing of data across sectors and Member States.

The Media Data Space initiative, financed through the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programmes, will focus on European press publishers, broadcasters, streaming platforms and other media companies and technology providers in the creation of a data space that could support their activities.

The Media and Audiovisual Action Plan also sets out further initiatives to foster the take up of digital technology, including the launch of the Virtual Reality Media Lab, fostering a European Virtual and Augmented Reality industrial coalition and supporting start-ups and scale-ups through a Creative Innovation Lab.

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