Answer to Written Question: Maintaining a level playing field: the temporary framework to support the economy in the context of the coronavirus outbreak

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Executive Vice-President Vestager

on behalf of the European Commission


The actual economic impact of State aid measures depends on their implementation, not on budgets. That is why, in order to have a better overview of the aid effectively provided to businesses in need, the Commission launched two surveys (respectively in September and December 2020) to seek information from Member States on the implementation of coronavirus-related State aid measures. In addition to these surveys, the transparency and reporting obligations laid down in the Temporary Framework and the State aid decisions will provide the Commission with additional data[1].

The Commission’s data on actual expenditure was shared on 3 March 2021 with the European Parliament. This shows that there is a significant gap between actual spending and the budgets approved by the Commission. The Commission does not observe at this stage Member States outspending others or implementing State aid measures in a manner that would have been disproportionate as compared to the economic damage suffered.  Finally, the available data shows that, through the Temporary Framework, the Commission has designed a set of horizontal rules applicable to all Member States, while leaving Member States flexibility to choose the tools that best suit them. A more detailed analysis has meanwhile been published in a policy brief with a detailed analysis of the use of COVID-19 related State aid measures by EU Member States[2].

The Commission will continue to monitor the implementation of COVID-19 related State aid measures and adapt its State aid strategy to the evolution of the situation on the internal market.

[1] Points 89 to 91 of the State aid Temporary Framework and corresponding commitments in the State aid decisions. The Fifth amendment of the Temporary Framework is available at:

[2] Available at:

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