Answer to Written Question: Introduction of ecology and green transition studies in all EU schools

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Ms Gabriel

on behalf of the European Commission


In 2021, the Commission will propose a Council Recommendation on education for environmental sustainability[1] as well as a European Competence Framework on education for sustainable development and climate change.

The proposal will take a lifelong learning approach, recognising the importance of embedding environmental sustainability into all phases and stages of education as well as in formal and non-formal learning. It aims to boost policy cooperation and exchange between Member States on how education and training can support the move from awareness to taking action towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient society and economy.

Proposals for measures at schools will include promoting whole-school approaches, involving pupils and staff, the integration of environmental issues at the level of curricula, teacher education, and pedagogies, learning environments, and implementing multidisciplinary and participatory approaches in education.

The Commission is conducting a broad consultation on the proposal, consisting of a public survey and targeted stakeholder events. The survey[2] in 23 EU languages is open until 24 September 2021 with the possibility to submit position papers.

Green transition will also be an integral part of the European Strategy for Universities, which aims at fostering the development of high-level up-to-date specialist skills in this area as well as integrating sustainability into all programmes through transdisciplinary approaches.

Furthermore, the Education for Climate Coalition[3] was launched in December 2020. The Coalition’s online platform will support cross-border co-creation of concrete initiatives among schools, universities and education institutions.




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