Answer to Written Question: Horizon 2020 funding for Europol

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Ms Johansson

on behalf of the European Commission


The Europol Innovation Lab is working on the implementation of three Horizon 2020 research projects, AIDA[1], INFINITY[2] and GRACE[3]. Through the implementation of these projects, Europol contributes to compiling use cases from the European law enforcement community and providing functional requirements within the remit of Europol’s legal framework. Cybercrime, child sexual exploitation online, and counter terrorism are among the operational areas covered by these projects. In addition, Europol will participate in the grant for the STARLIGHT project[4] with the aim to strengthen European law enforcement capabilities by proposing Artificial Intelligence-based tools in multiple security domains. Europol makes use of new technologies in line with Article 39 of the Europol Regulation, requiring prior consultation of the European Data Protection Supervisor to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

The funding received by Europol for the projects AIDA, INFINITY and GRACE is, respectively, EUR 935 800, EUR 533 600 and EUR 702 550, covering a period of up to three years. In terms of staff, the grants of the three projects include the financing of 10 contract agents (five for AIDA, two for INFINITY and three for GRACE) for the duration of the projects.

Europol has not had unused funds for Horizon 2020 projects which are closed.




[4] Horizon 2020, SU-AI02-2020.

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