Answer to Written Question: Detailed budgetary breakdowns of EU funding spent on care

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Schmit

on behalf of the European Commission


Under cohesion policy, Member States’ reports to the Commission do not contain detailed information solely dedicated to funding for human care[1]

Some of the activities are funded by the European Social Fund and reported under the intervention field 112[2]  or underthe‘Human health activities’ economic sector[3].

For the 2014-2020 cohesion policy investments in improving health services as well as for REACT-EU[4], more information can be obtained from the Open Data Platform under section 2[5] [6].

For more details on the health specific response under cohesion policy to the pandemic, the interactive CORONAVIRUS DASHBOARD can equally be consulted[7].

Concerning Horizon 2020, an estimated EUR 4.1 billion were dedicated to care, particularly to support and coordination of research on infectious diseases. In 2020, further commitments of EUR 1 billion were envisaged for coronavirus research.

Concerning the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework, estimates indicate that some EUR 4.5 billion of Horizon Europe could be dedicated to care.

At this stage, the Commission is unable to provide reliable projections on EU funding programmed for care under other policy areas (e.g. cohesion policy, EU4Health Programme)[8] for 2021-2027.

Concerning the Recovery and Resilience Facility under NextGenerationEU, the Commission is working on delegated acts to establish the methodology for calculation[9], due to be adopted in the second half of 2021. Only then will the Commission be able to estimate spending by category.

More information on EU budget mainstreaming and expenditure tracking is available online[10].

[1] In accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) N° 215/2014 – Annex I.

[2] ‘Enhancing access to affordable, sustainable and high-quality services, including health care and social services of general interest’ (covering a wider range of categories of interventions than care services only) . Total allocation of EUR 7.7 billion reported as at the end of 2020 of which EUR 6.0 billion EU contribution.

[3] Total allocation of EUR 2.4 billion reported as at the end of 2020 of which EUR 1.8 billion EU contribution.

[4] Which is a crisis-response instrument and is a top-up to cohesion programmes 2014-2020.



[7] Available insights into the take-up of the main cohesion policy measures under the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiatives (CRII/CRII+).

[8] The Commission will be able to provide more information after all the programmes proposals are formally submitted or the annual work programmes adopted or following interim or ex-post evaluation of programmes.

[9] According to Article 29(4) of the Regulation (EU) 2021/241.


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