Answer to Written Question: Conflict of interests for Commissioner Kyriakides

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by President von der Leyen

on behalf of the European Commission


Commissioner Kyriakides has declared in her declaration of interest to own a 13% share of the company ‘A. Triantafyllides Estates Ltd’.

She has informed the President that ‘A. Triantafyllides Estates Ltd’ is a family company whose shares originally belonged to her father and his two brothers. The letter “A” stands for Antonis, the name of the Commissioner’s grandfather. This company erected a building on the site where the house of the Commissioner’s grandparents was located and subsequently sold it. The company is now and has been for over 30 years a company without any activities whatsoever and derives no income. Its shareholders[1] have no financial benefits resulting of their shareholding.

Commissioner Kyriakides also informed the President that ‘Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC’ is a law firm which has no professional connection with the company ‘A. Triantafyllides Estates Ltd’ nor the opposite. The activities of the law firm in no way affect the company or the other way round. The Commissioner personally has no connection whatsoever with the law firm.

As regards the holding of a limited number of shares of the Bank of Cyprus as declared by the Commissioner, the Commission does not see any incompatibility with the portfolio of Commissioner Kyriakides.

If there should be a specific situation giving rise to a conflict of interest or which may reasonably be perceived as such, the Commissioner would have to recuse herself from any decision or instruction of the file and from any participation in a discussion, debate or vote in relation to the matter, and inform the President, who could take the appropriate measures[2].

The Commission trusts that the information provided by the Commissioner will dispel the concerns expressed by the Honourable Member.

[1] The Commissioner, her brother and four cousins

[2] Articles 2(6), 4(1), (3) and (4) of the Code of Conduct for the Members of the Commission, OJ C 65, 21.2.2018, p. 7.

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