Answer to Written Question: Bosch announces closure of another plant in Lliçà d’Amunt with further massive job losses

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Schmit

on behalf of the European Commission


As noted in our reply to written question E-006709/2020, “addressing plant closure cases lays primarily within the Member States competencies. The Commission can act complementarily to actions taken at national or regional level”.

Several EU funds can support dismissed workers, such as the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Displaced Workers[1], the European Social Fund[2], notably through REACT-EU[3], and the European Social Fund+[4]. It is up to the Member States, which are responsible for the management of the cohesion policy funds, to explore how workers can benefit from them.

The Commission updated its industrial strategy in May 2021[5], building further on the industrial ecosystem approach and focusing on strategic industrial sectors. It aims to enhance synergies and value creation throughout the supply chains, support a more dynamic, resilient and competitive European industry, and should contribute to creating and retaining high-quality jobs. The Commission Recommendation on Effective Active Support to Employment (EASE) also provides guidance to Member States on policies to promote job creation and job-to-job transitions and indicates how they could use EU funds to that end, in particular in the digital and green sectors[6]. The automotive sector may be benefiting from measures and funds under the Recovery and Resilience Facility, the cornerstone of Next Generation EU, which aims at boosting demand, accelerating the green and digital transitions, addressing re/up-skilling needs, and strengthening the economy’s long-term potential. It is Member States’ responsibility, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, to define a coherent package of investments and reforms for their Recovery and Resilience Plans.

[1]  and

[2] Information on on-going ESF programmes are available on the website of the Spanish managing authority, Unidad Administradora del Fondo Social Europeo (UAFSE):, and on the regional ESF Operational Programme of Cataluña:

[3] REACT-EU will make additional funds from the existing Cohesion policy programmes available to the Spanish regions




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