Answer to Written Question: Action for annulment of Article 17(4) of the Copyright Directive

(Source: European Parliament)



Answer given by Mr Breton

on behalf of the European Commission


The Commission is closely following Case C-401/19, brought by Poland before the Court of Justice of the European Union, to annul parts of Article 17 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market[1].

Since the case is still pending, the Commission cannot speculate on what the outcome of the proceedings will be.  

Only once this decision has been adopted, will the Commission assess its implications for the Copyright Directive.

[1] Directive (EU) 2019/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC, OJ L 130, 17.5.2019, p. 92–125,

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