EU Buzz is an open space for those in EU affairs from the decision makers, politicians, EU Commissioners and Members of the European Parliament through to Ambassadors based in Europe’s capitals and civil society organisations working in Europe’s member states. 

EU Buzz is interested in hearing your opinion and also welcomes all readers to submit their external contributions for publication under the conditions of no financial or other obligation, and no obligation for publishing. 

Due to copyright protection we are unable to accept or publish any photographs.

Contributions will be published in their full, unedited versions with the author’s name, designation and organisation clearly displayed. We recommend, as a guideline, that articles, press releases and Op’Eds are between 500-800 words. All articles must be related to EU affairs and submissions, with the exception of Embassies, will only be accepted from organisations registered inside the European Union, EEA or from accession countries. Please send all submissions on a Word document to Editor@EUBuzz.News

EU Buzz would also be happy to take articles from guest journalists with expertise in EU or current affairs subject matter.

For opportunity notices : vacancies/tenders/interns/consultations/calls/grants/awards etc. these are invaluable for our audience and we are happy to publish them for free. We can only accept such opportunities from European institutions or civil society organisations, registered inside the European Union, EEA or in accession countries. Please send the details on a Word document to Connect@EUBuzz.News.

If you believe it would add value to your work to have your logo displayed alongside the opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us as to how we could make this a mutually benefit partnership.

We are happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities, or sector specific promotions and look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts as to how we could collaborate. Please contact us: Connect@EUBuzz.News

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