2022 June

30 Jun: Briefing by EU Ambassador Skoog on behalf of the HR/VP – UN Security Council meeting on Non-Proliferation: JCPOA (Iran)

(Source: EEAS)

30 June 2022, New York – Briefing by H.E. Mr. Olof Skoog, Head of Delegation, EU Delegation to the UN, on behalf of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in his capacity as the Coordinator of the Joint Commission established by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, to the Security Council, Agenda item: Non-Proliferation.

Thank you, Mr President. Good morning.

It is again an honour to have this opportunity to address the Council in this session on behalf of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,…

30 Jun: EU Statement – UN Road Safety High Level Meeting

(Source: EEAS)

30 June 2022, New York – Statement on behalf of the EU and its Member States delivered by Minister-Counsellor Mr. Axel de la Maisonneuve, EU Delegation to the UN,  at the UN High Level Meeting on Road Safety.

Thank you to the President of the General Assembly for hosting this important High level Meeting on Road Safety and for providing me with the opportunity to address the meeting.

I deliver this statement on behalf of the European Union and its Member States.

The Candidate Countries Turkey, North Macedonia* and Albania*, as well as the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, …

30 Jun: EUBAM Advisory Board commends the resilience of Ukrainian and Moldovan border agencies

(Source: EEAS)

On 30 June 2022, the 38th Advisory Board Meeting of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine took place in an online format. The event brought together representatives from the Foreign Ministries, border, customs and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the European Union Delegations to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the European Commission, the EU High-Level Advisory Mission, the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine, the International Organization for Migration, and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

The Advisory Board expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine and …

30 Jun: Digital finance: agreement reached on European crypto-assets regulation (MiCA)

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)

The EU brings crypto-assets, crypto-assets issuers and crypto-asset service providers under a regulatory framework for the first time.

The Council presidency and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the markets in crypto-assets (MiCA) proposal which covers issuers of unbacked crypto-assets, and so-called “stablecoins”, as well as the trading venues and the wallets where crypto-assets are held. This regulatory framework will protect investors and preserve financial stability, while allowing innovation and fostering the attractiveness of the crypto-asset sector. This will bring more clarity in the European Union, as some member states …

30 Jun: Foreign subsidies distorting the internal market: provisional political agreement between the Council and the European Parliament

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)

The Council and the European Parliament today reached a provisional political agreement on the regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market.

The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union was built on the principle of economic sovereignty. Economic sovereignty depends on two key principles: investment and protection. The agreement reached on this new instrument will make it possible to combat unfair competition from countries that grant massive subsidies to their industry. This is a major step towards protecting our economic interests.

Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for the Economy, …

30 Jun: Remarks by President Charles Michel after his meeting in Prague with Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)

Good evening every one. First of all let me thank you, dear Prime Minister, dear Petr, for your warm welcome. It’s a great pleasure for me to be back in Prague, and to be back for an important moment, because in a few hours it will be the official start, the formal start of your rotating Presidency. You are taking the reins at a turning point for Europe: never has our Union faced such great challenges.

I welcome the priorities of your Presidency. We have many challenges ahead: the war in Ukraine, …

30 Jun: Agreement on foreign subsidies: ensuring equal competition in the EU

(Source: European Parliament)

Overall aim is to ensure equal playing field on internal market If subsidies are distortive, redressive measures can be applied EP negotiators made tool more effective and transparent

Parliament and Council negotiators agreed on Thursday on new tools ensuring that foreign subsidies granted by non-EU countries to companies do not distort the internal market.

The new draft regulation will enable the Commission to investigate subsidies granted by non-EU public authorities to companies operating in the EU. If it finds that the subsidies are distortive, it can apply redressive measures and avoid that, for instance, subsidised firms outbid …

30 Jun: Press remarks by Executive Vice-President Vestager for the political agreement on the Foreign Subsidies Regulation

(Source: European Commission)

Less than 14 months ago, we presented the Commission’s proposal for a Foreign Subsidy Regulation to address distortions caused by foreign subsidies in the EU Single Market. Regulation. I am proud of how fast an agreement with Parliament and Council on the final text of the Regulation was found  – this is a great success.

This Regulation is the living example of how Europe works together to deliver ground-breaking legislative improvements in record time. And I would like to thank all of Commission, Parliament and Council colleagues for their efforts.

This is a milestone in ensuring our …

30 Jun: Foreign Subsidies: Commission welcomes political agreement on Regulation on distortive foreign subsidies

(Source: European Commission)

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached today between the European Parliament and EU Member States on the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (‘FSR’). The FSR is an important addition to the EU toolbox to address distortions caused by foreign subsidies and ensure a level playing field for all companies operating in the EU Single Market.

The Foreign Subsidies Regulation, covering concentrations, public procurement procedures and all other market situations, will close a regulatory gap in the Single Market. So far, the lack of rules allowed subsidies granted by non-EU governments to go largely unchecked, while subsidies granted by …

30 Jun: Cities and regions launch Alliance for Ukraine’s reconstruction

(Source: European Committee of the Regions)

Alliance will focus on reconstruction needs of Ukrainian cities and regions, as part of the EU’s and international community’s long-term support for Ukraine.

The European Committee of the Regions and associations representing European cities and regions on 30 June launched the European Alliance for Cities and Regions for the Reconstruction of Ukraine to help Ukraine’s local and regional authorities rebuild homes, schools, infrastructure and services destroyed by Russia since its invasion on 24 February. The Alliance, whose launch came just seven days after the EU’s member states agreed to accept Ukraine as a candidate …