2021 October

31 Oct: International Methane Emissions Observatory launched to boost action on powerful climate-warming gas

(Source: European Commission)


To support further progress on fulfilling the Paris Agreement, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) with support from the European Union launched today a new Observatory to drive global action on reducing methane emissions.

The International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO) was launched at the G20 Summit, on the eve of the COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow. IMEO will bring global reporting on methane emissions to an entirely different level, ensuring public transparency on anthropogenic methane emissions. IMEO will initially focus on methane emissions from the fossil fuel sector, and then expand to other major emitting sectors …

31 Oct: Statement by President von der Leyen on a new Global Sustainable Steel Arrangement and EU-US steel and aluminium dispute

(Source: European Commission)


Thank you very much Mr President, dear Joe,

And I am also very pleased to announce that Mr President, you and I, we have today agreed to suspend the tariffs on steel and aluminium, and to start the work on a new Global Sustainable Steel Arrangement. And this marks a milestone in the renewed EU-US partnership. And it is a global first in our efforts to achieve the decarbonisation of the global steel production and trade. It is a big step forward in fighting climate change. The arrangement is of course open to all like-minded partners.…

31 Oct: EU and US agree to start discussions on a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel and Aluminium and suspend steel and aluminium trade disputes

(Source: European Commission)

European Commission President von der Leyen and United States President Biden agreed today to start discussions on a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel and Aluminium. This marks a new milestone in the transatlantic relationship, and in EU-US efforts to achieve the decarbonisation of the global steel and aluminium industries in the fight against climate change. The two Presidents also agreed to pause the bilateral World Trade Organization disputes on steel and aluminium. This builds on our recent successes in rebooting the transatlantic trade relationship, such as the launch of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council and the …

31 Oct: Statement by EU Commission Executive Vice-President & EU Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis on a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel and Aluminium and EU-US steel and aluminium dispute

(Source: European Commission)

2021 has been a landmark year for transatlantic relations.

We have successfully pressed the reset button with the Biden administration, in large part due to our shared willingness to forge a new trade agenda, both bilaterally and in the context of providing renewed global leadership.

Since the the EU-U.S. Summit in June, we have succeeded in getting one breakthrough after the other.

We grounded the Airbus-Boeing dispute in June.

We launched the EU-US Trade and Technology Council in September, a forum to cooperate closely on joint rules and standards for the 21st century.

And today, we have agreed …

31 Oct: Joint EU-US Statement on a Global Arrangement on Sustainable Steel and Aluminium

(Source: European Commission)

The United States and the EU have today taken joint steps to re-establish historical transatlantic trade flows in steel and aluminium and to strengthen their partnership and address shared challenges in the steel and aluminium sector.  As a part of that partnership, they intend to negotiate for the first time, a global arrangement to address carbon intensity and global overcapacity.

The European Union and the United States have a shared commitment to joint action and deepened cooperation in these sectors and are taking  joint steps to defend workers, industries and communities from global overcapacity and climate change, including through a new arrangement to …

31 Oct: G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)

We, the Leaders of the G20, met in Rome on October 30th and 31st, to address today’s most pressing global challenges and to converge upon common efforts to recover better from the COVID-19 crisis and enable sustainable and inclusive growth in our Countries and across the world. As the premier forum for international economic cooperation, we are committed to overcoming the global health and economic crisis stemming from the pandemic, which has affected billions of lives, dramatically hampered progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and disrupted global supply chains and …

30 Oct: Austria forest fire: EU deploys immediate assistance

(Source: European Commission)

Austria activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) on 29 October 2021, requesting assistance to fight the forest fire that had broken out in the region of Hirschwang in Lower Austria. The EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre mobilized 2 Canadair CL-415 fire-fighting planes, based in Italy. The planes, part of the EU’s rescEU transition fleet, are already deployed in Austria.

In addition, Germany and Slovakia have offered firefighting helicopters via the UCPM. Both offers have been accepted and deployment is pending. The Copernicus Service has also been activated in support of the fire-fighting operations in Austria. The …

30 Oct: Annual report on EU agencies for the financial year 2020


EU agencies in different Member States have adapted well to the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) has concluded in its annual audit of EU agencies for the 2020 financial year. The auditors confirm that the agencies’ financial management is in good shape, as in previous years, and has not been extremely affected by the pandemic. There are still shortcomings in some agencies’ internal controls, and weaknesses in public procurement procedures remain the main source of irregularities. The pandemic also has not favoured progress in budgetary management and human …