15 years of EIB green bonds: leading sustainable investment from niche to mainstream

(Source: European Investment Bank)

  • Since the EIB pioneered its Climate Awareness Bond fifteen years ago, green bonds have been moving from niche to mainstream. Complemented by social and sustainability bonds and helped by legislation on sustainable finance, green bonds are becoming increasingly important in directing capital towards sustainable economic activities.
  • Total issuance of green, social and sustainability (GSS) bonds stands at around €2.2trn[1], highlighting the market relevance of the EIB’s initiative 15 years ago
  • EIB’s issuance of Climate and Sustainability Awareness bonds (CAB and SAB) is approaching €60 billion, making it the largest GSS issuer in its peer group
  • EU legislation on sustainable finance is bound to support the further growth of the GSS market, with EIB spearheading application on the ground

On July 5th 2007 the European Investment Bank (EIB) issued its inaugural Climate Awareness Bond (“CAB”) – the world’s first green bond. The global green bond market has since surpassed the threshold of € 1.5tn in cumulative issuance and is supplemented by around € 720bn of social and sustainability bonds.

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